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    Quote Originally Posted by Pin Money View Post
    Boat shoes are still great, don't worry about it! You don't have to stop wearing something you like just because it's not the latest thing or is too popular.
    Thanks Pins, its good to hear someone defending them. I mean I can understand the hate to an extent (they are EVERYWHERE) but I'd rather the average clueless highstreet hipster wore some nice leather decks than TOMS or horrible plimsoles.

    That said, I'm gagging for some nice loafers. My boats aren't quite nice enough to go with blazer looks.

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    I will do the usual and maintain no consistent aesthetic whatsoever.
    I'll aim for rock and roll, and bombard everybody around me with wild prints and half-hour-in-the-mirror "effortlessness".

    hat look. Maybe with a tee or something underneath, we'll see.

    And also THESE

    I should clarify that there is no way I can afford the scarf and shoes. The other stuff though - including ridiculous trousers - I am 100% considering.
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