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    First Career Wardrobe

    Hi Gents,

    I can say I have been blessed enough to land my dream job straight out of university where I willl be working in business development. For this job I will be required to travel regularly and have a lot of important meetings. I have made some good and poor purchases over the last number of years, but my preferred style is smart casual for most of wear both work and leisure. I want to make some sensible purchases for the office and build a capsule wardrobe for work .

    Current Wardrobe of items I have ( That can be used for smart/smart casual)


    Chelsea boots black (asos)
    Brown brogues (zara) could do with replacing
    Suede bluchers navy blue (massimo dutti)
    desert brogues (loakes London)
    Black smart shoes (kurt Geiger)

    Trousers-all slim fitted

    Cream/Blue (Reiss)
    Charcoal (zara)
    Sand Chinos (asos)
    Black trousers

    Jeans -slim/skinny

    Dark Indigo (Abercrombie)
    Burgundy Strecth skinny Topman
    White (asos)
    Black (topman)


    Blue/white -uniqlo
    Pink -Tm Lewin

    Dress Sirts
    white tailored shirt
    Blue white gigham -gap
    Grey Gingham -reiss
    Blue Zara

    Stone summer blazer-austin reid

    Navy Parka-Abercrombie
    Black Peacoat -allsaints
    Beige Mac- Zara

    Red Ralph lauren style

    I have an athletic build , V/X shape. Have to take a lot of my clothes to the tailors quite often. Looking to add some good purchases here and really would appreciate some inputs as to what might be good additions if you were in my position. Many thanks!

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    I'd say just go and get a really good suit from somewhere like suit supply. I know you say you prefer smart casual to smart, but you really can't go too wrong with a suit. No-one can question your formality, you can maybe get away with a bolder colour. Pair it with a bolder tie like a knitted silk one or patterned to add that personality.

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    Agreed on the suit- would go for quality but nothing outrageous: I have to wear smart casual for work but still have a good quality navy suit for meetings with corporate partners.

    Other things I would consider if I was you: extra pairs of chinos / smart trousers- really useful to alternate with during the week.

    More shirts- you have gingham already so would go for a mix of dress shirts and oxfords in basic colours. Uniqlo for these.

    A professional looking briefcase (not an inbetweeners style! ) this could be canvas or leather or a mix. It will give your smart casual look a boost of smart and shows that you have really thought about your look.

    Also check if you can wear jeans for your smart casual looks- in my workplace I'm not allowed to so its chinos instead.
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    Thanks guys some good inputs! Agree completely on suit and briefcase. Looking for a briefcase now.. Also buying a Larsson Jennings watch. Amazing for the price

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