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    Photographers uniform advice

    Hey guys,

    I'm a wedding photographer and I'm trying to build myself a uniform. I mean this in the fashionable sense, where I know what I'm going to wear and I'm going to look good. Not in the way to having a personalised shirt or jacket or anything.

    My current outfit consists of some navy chinos and a grey long sleeves t-shirt and some trainers. I'd love to look super smart with shoes, shirt and trousers but I've found that the comfier I am the better work I produce (and it's not like I'm in the photographs). And I'm in the dirt or in the trees half the time. I need to be able to move!

    On a shoot yesterday my chinos got a hole ripped in the crotch as I was climbing over a wall so I thought this would be a good time to upgrade.

    So first up, I need some new trousers. Ideally something slim fit, but I need to be able to move (so some stretch would be good), and if they were pretty hardy that would be great. And due to the summer season being... well in the summer I could do with them being pretty light or cooling. Does anyone have any suggestions on brands to have a look at?

    And what would you guys suggest for shoes? I could do with getting some trainers or shoes that have some decent movement, some grip and maybe even waterproof. And again I'm working 10+ days in these running around and everything. Boots are too much and smart shoes don't make sense. Any ideas?

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    Hey I hired our wedding photographer last year. The dos and don'ts for me are:

    - Blend in with other guests. This counts for your outfit as well as your general practice throughout the day.
    - Look smart, obviously, but you don't need to be wearing a three piece as you are indicating.

    - Wear any kind of lanyard or name badges or any stuff like that. I went to a wedding where the photographers did that and, combined with their general intrusiveness and shite dad jokes throughout the day, meant a thoroughly odious experience.

    So to me you sound totally on track.

    On the shoe front I wouldn't worry too much about formality. I have a pair of Adidas terrex that are gore-tex which could suit. If you wear black trousers they could look like any old black shoes from a distance. Other option would be something like a goodyear welted boot with a commando sole, like Grenson Hadleys.
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    some nice chinos or trousers from COS, a shirt (maybe untucked) and some CPs? or a smart-casual shoe?

    regular chinos and tucked in shirt can look very dad-trying-to-look-smart. I'd try to find something a tad more relaxed and sophisticated, like the looks COS has on their site.

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