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    This is what can be so annoying about stores: if one were to use a chain as an analogy, there will always be links in the chain which are bad, broken, in need of repair or contently irreparable. Where someone on the phone is nice and understanding, another is rude and-quite frankly-acts as though they can't give a shit.

    The fact that you've experienced it twice is scandalous. Did you get the guys name? Someone like him shouldn't be working there, but even more so whoever was in charge of the delivery should get a severe bollocking as well. I can see why you might want your money back: it would make a statement and open the managers eyes to the problems in the machinery.

    What if you needed the suit for an event? I definitely think you are well within your right to press for a refund: if not the total alteration costs then the whole suit (although I can't see that happening).

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    Yeah I'm lucky in that the suit is only specifically needed for a wedding in June, tho I'll prob wear the trousers separately now and again in between, the jacket isn't really a standalone type piece imo.

    The manager actually phoned me last night after I posted here, I assume somebody who heard it wasn't delivered pointed out how bad the service was.

    She was very apologetic and said if there was anything she could do to change my mind about wanting a refund then to let her know. I felt this was a bit weird as the onus is on her to offer something, not me to like "make the first offer" like as if it's a negotiation for the best outcome.

    But I had to do so so I said if she waived the alteration cost in full, which is about 50, I'd come in today and get the suit and be done with it.

    She agreed to do that. I specifically mentioned the rude bloke on the phone though, as much because I manage people and I'd want to know if somebody did something shit too, as anything else.

    I think if she was really doing well she'd give me a free shirt or some token like that when I go in today, just because in my view getting someone back to "I'm okay with this" isn't enough after a crappy service experience, you want to make amends in a bigger way.

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