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    Matching A Scarf To Your Outfit

    Hi everyone,

    fashion beans newbie here with some questions regarding scarves.

    How should a scarf match with the rest of your ensemble, color-wise, but mostly fabric and texture-wise. Say I'm wearing a wool coat, should my scarf also be wool? Or if I'm wearing a knit cap, should my scarf also be knit?

    See, I recently purchased a navy pea coat, and I don't know if my old scarf is acceptable with it. I used to wear it with a hat that had a similar texture as my old jacket, just slightly darker. Well, that hat definitely doesn't go with my new pea coat, so I'm left wondering if I just have to buy a new hat, or will need to invest in a new scarf as well.

    I'm probably really overthinking this, but gimme a break. I haven't been very fashion conscious for very long

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    I think you're definitely overthinking it.

    Accessories like scarves, socks or gloves can be a way of going a little bit wild with colour and texture without much feel of totally unbalancing an outfit.

    I try and keep within broad parameters that go with an outfit when it comes to texture. If I'm wearing a country/heritage AW look, then I'll wear a thicker knit, chunky scarf (cable knits, fair isles and nordic patterns are all wonderful for this AW). If I'm going smarter then a finer texture such as cashmere works well in a singular bold colour or classic stripes.

    I'd probably team a knitted hat with a knitted scarf to keep a balance of textures (and colour) like you suggest.

    When it comes to colour whether you tie it in with similar hues to the rest of your outfit or use it add a dash of bold colour, then all is good.

    I hope that helps somewhat.

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