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    Seasonal Congruence

    Hello all,
    before i begin i would like to state that i have read the article regarding style consistency on the site, but i'm looking for a little more in-depth and personalised help.

    I'm a student who will be moving away to university in winter, and i've just started the wardrobe clear out. I believe i'm sorted for summer, usually wearing chinos/shorts with a print t-shirt or plain v-neck under a solid colour oxford shirt, and white vans. I don't quite have the confidence to move to a lot of the more mature trends, so i often pick pieces out (i.e. going for aztec print t-shirts as oppose to shirts) My question is, as it gets closer to winter how do you get true consistency in your style and what i should be looking for as we move from season to season?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Layerings the name of the game. I would say my 'essential' items for winter are:

    - a decent, mature winter coat. I have a pea coat from Allsaints which I nabbed off eBay, but Topman and the like do okay pieces.

    - at least one thicker material blazer - might be a bit "mature" for you, but a tweed or similar material blazer is wonderful for layering.

    - a selection of plain knits in neutral colours - cardigans, crew necks and v-necks which can be worn over shirts and tees alike.

    - a selection of shirts to wear under knits - winter is the season for thicker materials, such as denim, chambray or even corduroy, but keep a selection of oxford shirts in light blue and white.

    - jeans or chinos - i wear slim fit jeans and chinos, all from Topman because the fit is good for the price. Get in a selection of neutral colours: dark wash indigo jeans, navy and beige chinos. Maybe throw in some warm autumnal colours with burgundy trousers.

    - Decent boots - I prefer brown and smarter ones (e.g. Brogues/Chelseas), but worker boots and less formal ones also look good.

    - Accessories - a nice scarf in a good accent colour,.

    The good thing about these items are they are basics and many of them (the knits, chinos, oxford shirts and blazers), can be worn well into spring and some into summer.

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    Get yourself a mid to heavy weight knit; it's an excellent all year round piece, as it can serve as your outer layer on cool spring and summer days, as well as being a versatile layering item in the colder seasons.

    What Nath's got up there is solid, but don't go crazy just because the season's looming (which, incidentally, it's not.) You just need a couple of sensible winter warmers (jumper, coat) and a sturdier pair of shoes. Anything else is inessential, although it can still be worthwhile to get a couple of extra "trend" pieces - and at this point it's hard to really say what trends are going to dominate the next season, or as ever whether they're even worth following.

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