So, here it is guys. My main issue (nevermind the most important exam in my life that will take place this summer) this year was to think and find something smart and creative to wear at my banquet. I've done a lot of researches online but I have not come up with something that i'm most definitely sure that I want to wear. Of course, how you probably know, the two main problems are: shoes and the suit. Being a skinny guy and like 1,7 m it's kind of hard to find something tailored perfect to my body. But, first of all, WHAT COLOR SHOULD MY SUIT BE? I'm from Romania so I haven't got acces to all the stores that you people maybe have in UK, but I'm thinking of finding some material and going to a specialised tailor and pray for the best. My skin color is somehow similiar to the baby on the left (yeah, hilarious picture). What would suit me better? I'm willing to invest a lot into this but I want to wear it into other ocassions also.

Sorry for the long posts and I'm dying to hear your response, given the fact that the banquet is in less than 1 month. 1st of Jun to be more precised.

Thanks guys!