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    Black Coats And What Footwear Goes With Them

    Hi all,

    Due to the wonderful weather of late I purchased myself a black waterproof Trespass jacket to wear when it's wet. I also have a black double breasted pea-coat to wear when it's cold but drier.

    But my only concern is how to team shoes with each coat. The pea coat is normally fine as I can pair it was my leather Converse, but when pairing shoes with my waterproof jacket I have problems.

    I only have formal work shoes, which look silly with jeans, or a pair of black military style boots from Topman which are the most uncomfortable boots ever made!! So what would you suggest? Please note they need to be weather proof and boots preferably, but I am pretty open minded.


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    Maybe some walking boots to go with your Trespass jacket H By Hudson | H By Hudson Garret Walking Boots at ASOS I believe they come in either black or brown, maybe shop around for cheaper.

    I tend to wear desert boot, Brogues or military boots with my pea coat.

    They have those Hudsons here Cruise Fashion in both colours for a bargain.
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