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    Sorry to hijack the thread but has anybody tried the Auto Chino?.Auto Chino
    Im looking for a pair of black chinos and these look smart. I too vouch for the quality of the filter chinos - i have them in gunmetal and there a very good comfortable fit - but there are a bit skinny and as a muscly (maybe a stone and a half overweight too) chap they are a bit risque!

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    Has anyone tried on the Range Chino (range chino)?

    If so do you know if they fit like the filter or cannon chino? I am a 32 in the cannon and 34 in the filter hence my question!

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    I think they are totally worth it. However, you can go with a better option in my opinion.

    Regarding Mens Clothes, my philosophy has always been - "The Simpler the Better"
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    Guys asking about fit: AS sizing is slightly hit and miss. I tried on two pairs of the filters in "32" and one pair was at least an inch bigger. Great if you are between sizes and live locally to a store, not so great if you are ordering online!

    They are totally worth it though, and I don't even think the price jump is that great. 65 for a pair of chinos is pretty reasonable imo. Quality is vastly superior to Topman ones.

    For those on a real tight budget, I did get some nice chinos in Primark recently for a tenner. They have loads of colours, and different lengths too, which is nice. Again, sizing and fit can vary (lots more than AS), so take a few pairs into the changing rooms with you to make sure you get a pair that fit right. They are a real bargain for 10, material is nicer than TM ones imo.

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    I love All Saints but their so hit and miss. I find with their jeans/chino's their either too much material or their too skinny. I'm not the biggest Topman fan but the chinos aren't expensive and if your looking for a skinny but not tight fitting pair their perfect (except the buttons), the All Saints ones feel like your paying a lot for something you could have spent the money better elsewhere.

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