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    Skinny Guy Tips

    Hi all,

    I had a wardrobe clear out recently which didn't leave me with a lot of clothes left. I'm happy with my various styles but I do need to fork out for some new things. Couple of questions before I reach into my wallet:

    First one being, apart from avoiding slim fitting clothes, what other things should a skinny guy like myself look out for? This isn't me, but here's a picture of my size. And I'm 19 btw. Also, any recommended style icons out there who are very skinny so I can see what compliments the frame?

    My final question is, what accessories can I use to let my personality shine through? For example I dress in different ways each day. Any where from your typical River Island graphic t-shirt with the typical 'dressed down' chinos to more classier trousers and shirts and everything inbetween. I basically wear what ever clothes I like the look of and for the occasion. I feel, however, that changing different styles doesn't allow my complete self to shine through. Maybe I should stick to one style?

    Oh and any good shops to check out? I'm quite open to suggestions as I'm looking to step out of my comfort zone a little.

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    RE: Sticking to one style, I've never managed to do it. It's just too boring. You can master a variety of styles, it just takes more thought and creativity.

    RE: Being skinny like a model, I wouldn't worry about it too much! You can wear anything, but slim fitting is the style of the moment so I'd stick to it. Some oversized t-shirts might be cool, but it depends on what you are going for.

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