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    Reinventing Myself

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Shaun and I'm hoping to make an improvement in the way I dress after putting it off for too long! If anyone can help that would be hugely appreciated!

    A little bit of background. I'm 23, and slim, verging on skinny. At the moment I tend to wear slim jeans, with a shirt and shoes. Whilst this is fine, and I'm not the worst dressed this style has been unchanged for years for me, and just feels a little plain...

    I've had a little flick through GQ, but find this sort of style to be a little too clean cut (plus much of it is out of my price range). Whilst I like to look fairly smart, I'm interested in looking a little bit edgier (probably stemming from looking plain for too long!). I like rock music, but don't look at all like the typical rocker, but if anyone has any advice on how to incorporate this (sort of rockstar meets GQ) then that would be awesome. I'm happy with still wearing jeans, shirts, shoes, but am really keen to add abit of character to it!

    I've always been lacking the confidence to wear things that might be perceived as out of character, but am ready to embrace change!

    If someone could recommend something like a blazer, or a few accessories, or anything you think might be appropriate, then that would be a great start and a huge help for me. Or is there a fashion magazine that might be more suitable for what I'm looking for than GQ?

    Thanks everyone for reading.

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    I like the sound of "rockstar meets GQ"! Though it might take some time to develop that look successfully. I would say just take your time with it - don't rush out and buy a load of stuff without thinking about how you want to put it together. By "rockstar meets GQ" I'm guessing you mean dressing a bit rock and roll, but with a refined edge? Or dressing smartly, with a rougher edge. Whichever way you want to look at it.

    My personal view is that mixing two different looks can be tricky, especially for a novice. So wearing that battered old biker jacket with tailored trousers and tan brougues just doesn't work for me (though some may disagree). The secret is to take inspiration from the rockstar idea, and give a nod to it in your more refined wardrobe. There are some really nice leather biker and bomber jackets around atm, for example.

    Take your time with it though, and above all give it some thought - what looks do you want to create? How do you want to project yourself? etc

    There is a good series on here you should check out, which will take you through the building blocks, and allow you to lay a solid foundation, from which you can get a bit creative: Men's Fashion Basics - Fashion Advice For Beginners By
    Also check out a couple of articles from a few months back on the rockabilly look.

    Oh, and buy clothes that fit properly!

    Hope that helps anyway. Just my tuppence worth

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    There are tons of information out there on the interwebs, far too many which can be overwhelming in the menswear blogosphere. Similar to your situation, having just finished uni and about to start work, 6 months ago I decided it was time to get rid of the street wear crap and dress properly.

    Problem was, too many people offering advice. I couldn't afford the 400 blazers that where shown on GQ, other bloggers focused on a strict style (strictly British/ or italian "steez") etc and I made a few (costly) mistakes along the way. What you soon develop though is an understanding of how, why and for whom you wear clothes and dress in a certain way, so that you can take in all that information from the internet and filter it down to the things that you know will work for you or just for inspiration!

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