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    Question Suits, Cool Or Not?

    I recently moved to Auckland, New Zealand. I hardly see anyone walking around in a suit, let alone in my age (I'm 20)! The only people I ever really see wearing suits, are taxi drivers and bouncers at clubs...

    For example, the only other guys I saw walking around in a suits last friday night, were a group of four asians. They had suits that were from the 70's with the huge collars, that's what I call Peacocking...
    I find the only attention you get from that, is negative. Cus the only thing most people think is "Pfffs show offs"...
    I find when people walked around in suits, it was a sign of power and authority and masculinity, and who doesn't want that? Here it's just a boring old work uniform, if that!

    Has it become 'uncool' to wear a suit? Can people just not be bothered wearing one? or is this just my view of NZ? Or have I just moved to the wrong country Because I found that, when living in europe it was really cool!

    Want do you guys think? I'm interested!
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    The reaction was negative because huge collars look ridiculous aha.

    No suits will never be "uncool". Given the fit is good and you wear them with confidence, they will look timelessly brilliant. Of course the majority of the population doesn't apreciate that, but that's their loss not yours.

    That said, wearing a suit on a night out seems a bit try hard. I get funny looks here sometimes just for wearing blazers and ties and the like.

    I don't actually own a suit of yet (I'm 18), but I will probably have to invest in the next 6 months for when I have to start taking employment more seriously.
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    Nothing beats a good suit. I envy people that work 'in the city' that have to wear suits to work.&nbsp;<br><br>Granted the opportunities are limited but every man needs a good suit. Most important thing is it fits your body type. Don't buy any suit, forget brand and go get a suit that fits you so well you think you've just been cast in mad men

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