I was reading through today's article on Orlando Weeks and thought it would be interesting to see if anyone had any fashion icons from the realm of music. One problem I think these 'frontman fashion' articles have been suffering from is that I don't see any of these people as being 'stylish' in a traditional sense. Wearing a shirt over another shirt may be a very indie thing to do, but I don't see anything remotely stylish with it. And as for Ian Brown and Liam Gallagher, DON'T get me started.

As an obscessive Smiths fan (is there any other kind?), I was intrigued by the Morrissey article but even though he had some great looks back in the eighties (I wish I could wear open top pink shirts, beads and have a bunch of flowers sticking out my trousers) even he seems to be wearing badly fitting jackets and horrible vegas-size collars.

One underated fashion icon I think is Johnny Marr, the guitarist of the same band. I look at some photos of him with a print shirt buttoned up, perfectly fitting dark wash jeans, a pair of tassel loafers and an amazing haircut, and I think he just looks so contemporary!

So what about you guys? Do you buy into the 'personal style' argument with regard to musicians? Does that fact that music is an artform give it's practitioners the ability to be just as creative with their image? Who inspires your style from the world of music?