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    Wearing A Suit For Work - Possible Color Combinations? *w/ pix* Need Advice!

    Hello Gentlemen

    This is my first post even though I am following this page for month... Haven't ever seen that there was a forum *like*!

    My Situation
    I never really cared much of style for the biggest part of my life. This changed when I used to live in GB for 1.5 ys due to my studies. I struggle ever since and even though lacking the "common sense of style" sort of thing, I try to improve and look smart... However, I DO have problems to combine stuff or figure out how certain pieces of clothing work with each other, esp. when I haven't seen this given combination yet.

    I am working in an office, white collar employee, where I have to wear a suit and, for sure, tie.
    I use to wear black suits mainly, but I also own a blue, striped one and a grey one.
    I usually wear a black belt and black shoes, nothing special. As shirts I prefer slim fit, T.M. Lewin, which are hard to get in Germany, color doesn't matter. I think I can combine my ties pretty well. At least... Anyways...

    My question
    ... I am thinking about bringing some color in my outfit.
    I "know" the grey suit looks great with brown leather loafers and an equally colored belt.
    I therefore want to get some brown accessories. I looked up the internet to find some stuff in my chosen brown-tone, which I know goes pretty smooth with the grey suit.

    I need to get myself a affordable watch that looks professional.
    I therefore think about getting this one:

    (I think the watch is great for work since it looks classic yet smart, no?)

    The other Question... where my lack of sence, how to combine things, into play:

    Is it possible to wear this exact same accessories, so all brown, with a black suit?
    What about a blue one (naviish with very small white stripes?)

    I just can not assess wether I'd make myself a fool combining the black and brown or if it might even look good.

    Thx for your help.
    Every comment is highly appreciated.


    PS: Sorry for huge pics, couldn't firure out how too resize em.

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    Hi Mike. I'm surprised you've gotten no replies! I'm not exactly sure how I missed the post, but I was busy most of the weekend, so it must have just slipped under the radar.

    Personally, I think the belt and the watch would go really nice with both a grey and navy suit. I wouldn't do it with the black, but I know some people have a differing opinion on that. As for the shoes, they seem a bit reddish for me to go with the other pieces. If you find a pair which are a little more brownish, I'd be happier. It doesn't have to be the same color as the watch and belt, as I think a darker shade of brown would be fine, but a little less red. Maybe it's just that picture which looks red and the shoes are actually brown?

    What color of shirt do you wear underneath? Do you stick with white or do you mix a little color into them as well? In a formal office setting I wouldn't do bright colors, but a pale blue shirt under a grey suit should look pretty sharp.

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