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    Leather Jacket? [Men]


    I'm considering getting a leather jacket and I like this one: Mens Leather Bomber Jacket | Tricky Leather Bomber | AllSaints

    However, I do not have an AllSaints shop close to me, and I would like to try it on before I buy it. So could you guys maybe recommend some other jackets which have the similar look. By all means can it be cheaper


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    Well, if you're going to try before you buy, and you know what you like, you don't need our help do you?
    Get out into your nearest city and scour the stores. Don't forget to check the vintage shops; a lot of ugly, ill-fitting crap, sure, but the occasional gem at a stellar price.
    Let us know how it goes.
    Alternatively, order the jacket in two sizes, and return the one that doesn't fit. If your funds will go far enough that is! But otherwise that's a pretty foolproof plan.

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