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    Is it worth spending 250 on a Pea Coat?

    Hello everyone!

    I really need some advice. I read on here that a pea coat is essential. Is it worth spending a large amount on one considering it is an essential piece??

    I got my eye on this one: Cabanel Pea Coat | Mens Coats | AllSaints

    Please advise me I'm a complete noob


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    Personally I do not think that this is worth the price-tag. It is relatively unsuitable for winter, which is arguably the period in which you would want to be wearing a pea-coat, as the material is in no way thick-enough to offer substantial warmth.

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    I'd say spending 250 on a quality coat is all right, but I can't comment on the coat you have your eye on. _Ben_ has got a point, that cotton is a bad material for something that's supposed to keep you warm in fall/winter. You want something like wool.

    Personally I'd be hesitant to order a coat online. You can of course always send it back if it's not what you hoped for, but for something like a coat I really want to feel it before I buy it. Especially if it's a pricier one, like the one mentioned.

    Pea coats look good, but so far I haven't bought one myself. I prefer longer coats, knee length or just above.

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    I like Pea-Coats, but if I was going to invest that much in a coat, I'd go for a longer style like a trench, mac or overcoat, just because those styles will see you through formal occasions as well as casual situations.

    Ben is right. That's a transitional piece, they were selling some more appropriate variations last season. I'd shop around. The Reiss outlet still has some nice pieces, admittedly not pea coats though.
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    At this time I would invest in a spring / summer style such as a bomber jacket (which you would be able to layer up when it gets cold again) and then look into winter coats when new ranges are released at the appropriate time.

    A lightweight peacoat doesn't make sense really - even though it may feel appropriate to wear in spring / summer, you may actually look a bit odd.

    Bomber jackets however still have at least a few seasons to run and would provide a stylish outer layer over a chunky knit / scarf / beanie in winter too.

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