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    Advice on what I need to complete my essentials wardrobe

    I need advice, namely what I need to buy, if there are any suggestions, to aid my goal of having a useful, versatile professional wardrobe. I'm starting a new job where I will be required to wear business/business casual everyday.

    So far I have
    Four white shirts,
    Two light blue shirts,
    One each of a pink, a dark grey/greenish(but lovely) and a dark purple/red shirts,
    A grey three piece suit, a black suit and a navy with grey pinstripe suit,
    A navy, a creamy linen and two grey sports coat/blazers,
    A light grey thin merino jumper,
    Two woolen pullover vests, one dark red, the other charcoal,
    A pair of very light grey chinos and a pair of mid grey trousers,
    Two black overcoats, one double breasted, the other a more casual(but still tidy) coat.

    I also have a variety of ties, pocket squares, belts and shoes.

    I feel I could do with more versatility, but have no idea what step to take in that regards and any advice would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like you’ve made a great start. Here’s some additional suggestions:
    A classic brown leather jacket
    Some slim fitting indigo jeans
    Some navy chinos
    Some stone / off-white chinos
    A thin (merino or cashmere) roll neck for the approaching winter – charcoal or navy
    A thin / fine knit cardigan – navy, grey or maybe burgundy (works well with navy jeans/chino’s etc.)
    You haven’t mentioned anything about shoes – how are you doing there?
    Plus, have you invested in a nice watch? It will lift any outfit.

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    Sounds very versatile too me, I wish I had that much. All I've got so far is 3 suits (Black, grey and navy) and few shirt and tie combinations with one pair of shoes. I start monday..

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    Thanks for the support guys, I forgot to mention I'm sorted on casual, I have a looooot of casual clothes, so jeans and jackets and cardigans are sorted, as for shoes, I have about 30 pairs of varying quality from oxfords to sneakers and lots in between. I have quite a fetish for shoes... I will have a look out for more chinos though, and maybe another pair of grey trousers, and I have read white chinos/trousers are hugely versatile. Good idea about the watch, I have a really old one from my great grandfather for special occasions (but it has a tiny face), and a kind of garish large faced black leather strap watch, and a silver divers watch, neither of which actually fit under my cuffs... speaking of which, are cufflinks a bit weird to wear on shirts without French cuffs?

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    I have found that a pair of grey wool/tweed trousers have been a great investment. They just provide something a bit different in terms of texture

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    It's already a pretty versatile wardrobe, StevenT I'd add:
    - A double-breasted blazer in classic color. It coordinates with almost everything and makes you look effortlessly stylish. Buy one that fits slim.
    - Chambray shirts. Casual and stylish and refreshing. Very easy to wear.
    - Some more checked, tartan, striped shirts. Brenton stripes is a must, in my opinion. It even broadens your frame
    - Some more chinos in colors like khaki green, beige, creamy, light blue and white.
    - Someone suggested indigo jeans. Spot-on advice. Well-fitted (or slim fit) jeans in dark grey, indigo and black are essential.
    - A good fitted jean jacket. Levi's makes classic ones. Don't do distressed jean jackets, I think it's such a bad idea.
    - 2 more overcoats in camel and navy. I'm on the hunt for the perfect camel coat, but still unsuccessful.

    Yeah, those are all the things I'd add to my wardrobe myself as well. Hope it helps
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