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    Which Moisteuriser?

    I've never really felt comfortable using moisteuriser. My girlfriend would always complain that my face (forehead in particular) looked too dry after showering, but I find that if I use moisteuriser I can end up getting a few spots. It just makes my skin feel a bit greasy, and it can end up appearing a bit blotchy. It looks better overall when I don't use moisteuriser I think, but everything I've read has insisted that YOU MUST USE MOISTEURISER! I don't want to be doing my skin damage.

    The obvious answer would be to use a moisteuriser for greasy skin, but my skin is not naturally oily at all, so would that dry my skin out too much?

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    I recommend the Clinque Skin supplies for men.

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    You should be using moisturiser, skin is pretty resilient but it never helps to give it a helping hand. You are probably having problems with it because you haven't found the right one yet, its worth playing around to get the one that suits your skin the best.

    I can't really offer any advice though because my skin doesn't give me any issues and I just pound on the basic nivea cream.

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    Do you moisturize your skin everyday? if you don't you should start it,both men and women can find many benefits of using high quality of moisturizer every day.
    moisturizing your skin will help you to look younger day by day.
    You will have more softer and glowing skin.
    moisturizing will keep your skin hydrated.
    There are certainly that you will need to keep in mind before you use it.
    1) you know the benefits of moisturizing you should try including anti-aging benefits.
    2) You should know about when and how to use moisturizer.
    3) It is suggested that you should do it at same time everyday such as after the shower or before going for sleep.
    4) Use the moisturizer when your skin is still wet as it will help pull the lotion more easily.
    5) Before moisturizing make sure that your skin is cleaned through mild cleanser.
    6) Apply the moisturizer gently an using upward strokes.

    Hope this will benefit you

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