I've hit a brick wall with my hair. Not literally (that wouldn't hurt unless it hit my actual head rather than just hair) but figuratively. I have a medium length short back and sides cut, and I've been styling it in a quiff with American Crew Fiber. While an admirable product, it requires copious amounts rubbed specifically into the roots to prop up my rather thin hair. Despite supposedly 'high hold', it needs a perfect storm of dampness and placement to give me anything useful, otherwise it drops as if deflated after about 2 hours or more.

This frustrates me, so I'm looking for a solution. I've heard American Crew Forming Cream is better for thin hair, but I'm not sure how effective switching to 'medium hold' product would it - it seems rather counter-intuitive. I'm leaning towards purchasing hairspray or a volumising mousse for beforehand and then applying either Fiber or Forming Cream, and what I need to know is, does anyone here have prior experience with mixing these products? How useful is it, and can you still maintain a matte finish with it?

Also, would anyone recommend a hairspray for finishing off a style? Or perhaps a different wax for people with thinnish hair that doesn't stand well? Others with similar problems are very welcome. Thanks for reading.