I'm looking for some inspiration as to what to do with my barnet - I really am desperate.

I'm not one for posting my picture (for obvious reasons - as you can see!) but I'm at the end of my tether. Living on the Isle of man I'm yet to find a hairdresser with any sort of creativity or imagination, so any 'style' is my own idea. Having had shorter messier styles for most of my life I really fancied a change (im also 40, so sometimes you have to move on), so decided to grow it a bit longer. As you can see its a frickin mess and a nightmare to control.

So, basically I'd like to find something thats trendy but not too cutting edge. My hair is beginning to thin a bit, so need to take that into account also.

What product would people recommend? I use clay which i find a bit of a nightmare on longer hair. Also these things never seem to work as well on newly washed and dried hair.....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.