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    What Product & How?

    What's the best product to use to get this style? and how's the best way to style it? I know my hair would have to be reasonably long on top (it is getting there). My hair 'similar' to that now, but if I don't put enough product on I get a kink at the front, and if put too much on It looks slicked back. If I use pomade my hair looks too greasy (I used VO5 pomade). Is getting that look 90% down to length?

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    You do need the right length but I'd suggest blow-drying it if you don't already do that. I've got a similar style and I use this really good product called Wella SP for Men defined structure. I apply that first, then I blow-dry it with a radial brush (the round brushes that you see in hair salons) to get the lift, then use clay or wax just to give it some decent hold. Sometimes I use a bit of hairspray too if I don't think it's going to stay. It's not meant to look too perfect, but at the same time you want it to have enough hold so that it's not flopping down over your face during the day.

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    The blowdry is the thing. Towel-dry your hair, apply some product (anything from salt texturiser to mousse), blowdry it while shaping it with your hands (slick it back, lift the front, and give it a bit of a twist up and to one side to get that shape he's got), then apply another touch of product for fine tuning and finish (a touch of pomade would work for that high shine look he has going, where a clay or paste type thing would allow for adjustment with a matte finish.)

    Also remember that that photograph is a split second in time; you'll be able to approximate the look closely, but sometimes something just looks great in a photograph that you can't really recapture reliably.

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