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    Achieving long, glossy hair

    Hey guys/girls,

    I'm growing my hair long for the first time but having some troubles...

    Here is a pic of what I'm trying to achieve:

    500px / Photo "Jan" by Steven P. Carnarius

    I know that my hair type COULD be similar to his, but a couple things are blocking my way:
    1. My hair is looks more dry and frizzy than his, but only if I wash it with shampoo + conditioner a normal amount.
    2. My hair is hard to control and style, again, especially after washing!

    So my question is what kind of products/techniques do you think the guy in the pic would have to use regularly to attain that glossy, wavy look and get that kind of style? Currently I can only do so without washing my hair with products and that isn't desirable!

    Many thanks for any advice!!!

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    Moroccan oil adds a great shine to hair and eradicates that frizzy, just-washed thing. Pomade may also help if it is really stubborn.

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