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    Hair products

    Hi there, I'm searching for some new hair products for my hair, I've read some tips and articles about the best hair products but I don't know wich ones to choose since I dont know exactly what my hair type is.

    The products I need is a shampoo, a conditioner and a putty/wax/clay/moulder wtv, since I don't know what type I should use.

    My hair is kinda dry and thick, and the shampoo I use (some Frank Provost crap I bought) leaves my hair even more dry and I just can't control it with some wax I bought earlier. Also, the shampoo or the wax (I don't know wich one) leaves some kind of dirt (like dandruff) on the top of the air, and if I shake it or just put my hand on it, looks like it is snowing.

    So, I want an advice from you guys who know better than me.

    Best regards

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    Hi there, first things first, are you sure it's the shampoo/wax that leaves white dandruff-like stuff in your hair and not just dandruff? Have you always had that problem or is it only since buying one of those products? I very much doubt it's the shampoo, I've never heard of a shampoo doing that before, so if you're getting white stuff in your hair it's either the wax, dandruff or just very dry scalp that has become flaky.

    I also suffer with dry hair and scalp so I'd recommend a shampoo specifically designed for dry hair, either this:

    Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shampoo (300ml) |


    Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturising Shampoo (300ml) |

    or this:

    Label.Men Daily Moisturising Shampoo (300ml) |

    All three brands do an equivalent conditioner so look on the same site for those.

    In terms of a hair product, it's difficult to know what to recommend until I know how you want to style your hair and how long it is. Putty, clay and wax often give a firm hold, but you need to be really careful to pick a good one because otherwise they are quite hard to apply and don't always do a good job. Cream and paste tend to give lighter hold but are often more 'runny' in the hand and therefore a bit easier to apply. I personally think the best companies for hair products are Hairbond (which I'm using at the moment), Label.M, Sebastian, and American Crew.

    I would suggest American Crew Fiber would be a good starting point for you as a styling product, it suits short and long hair, is easy to apply and gives a nice strong hold with a matte finish. If you find that too strong, I'd suggest looking at the Hairbond moulder for something a bit more pliable.

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