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    Student budget grooming for oily skin

    Ok so stereotypically the words "student" and "grooming" sound like an oxymoron and are rarely in the same sentence together. However just looking for some budget options in handling oily skin, at the moment I'm just washing my face twice a day with Men-u healthy facial wash (and face scrub every other day) and the moisturiser I use is botanics oil control moisturiser. I've read the article (Men’s Grooming Problems: Combating Oily Skin | FashionBeans) but feel most of the stuff on there is out my price range, I guess the cost to longevity is ok, but I can't be paying loads for 25ml, what products would recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Adamski, I started writing a much longer reply, but then my browser hung and I lost it all so excuse me for keeping this one more too the point.

    I've had to deal with spots and break-out for about 20 years now and I think I've found the best (and reasonably priced) products for me. All the prices I've just quickly gotten online although I imagine at the right time they'll be much cheaper or on 2 for 1s'.

    I dunno what you would class as a student budget. These items are not the cheapest on the shelves but they're no way in the same category as the most expensive

    Exfoliate - St Ives Peach Scrub - Just the basic stuff works best ~ 4
    Wash - Simple soap bar 1.35 for 2
    Tone - Body Shop Tea Tree oil toner - Not only a good toner but the tea tree acts as an astringent which helps redcue skin oil production - 5

    If after that routine there is still an oily patch (very rare) then I apply a small bit of witch stick 2.89

    I found moisturising a tricky part for someone with oily skin as a greasy moisturiser will undo all your work. Also good moisutriser are not cheap and I do think what I'm using below is probably outside your price range. Nowadays I tend to use one of the following:
    Body shop seaweed matt moisturiser - 11
    Loreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic - 9
    Art of Shaving after shave balm - 30

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