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    How to get my hair like this?

    Hi Forum

    First post and here goes.

    I have been growing my hair out for a while now and want to get the same effect as the image below.
    I would say it is long enough on top to do this and i have a thick head of hair.

    I am wondering what you think he did to achieve this style and what product might be best to use.
    fyi - Heavy products such as clay, wax etc can weigh my hair down.

    Let me know your thoughts.
    and thanks in advance.

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    I'm not a hairdresser but for a similar effect - though at much shorter length - i start with a type of powder (different brands have different names for it) that adds volume to your hair, and makes it look matte, almost as if it's dried after having been at the sea all day. (Msg me if you want to know which one i use) Then for hold, you would use a hairspray with maximum hold so that you use very little. Otherwise it will look shiny and be weighed down. They may have used just for the fringe in this case since it's a photo in a studio.
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