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    side parting help needed


    I have been on this site for a couple of weeks now, I really like it, but this is my first time posting / creating a thread.

    Now I am stuck with my side parting.
    I got a haircut like two weeks ago because I wanted something different from what I used to have.
    I had a side parting but with hair covering half of my ears if I didn't do my hair. Kind of med. long.
    I wanted a classic shiny side parting where I could go through with my fingers. I used to use gel, so fingers through
    hair was out of the question.
    So I got my sides and back shorter and on the top of my head longer hair.
    As I looked in the mirror I saw a nice parting. But I did not see the back of my head.

    now the actual problems:

    1. Now I started using brylcreem, very standard, I am a novice. I had never used it before. Gives a nice shine, feels and smells nice, but it doesn't hold my hair too good. My hair tends to fall back into it's natural ehm.. shape. Any other products I should use? Or any way to solve it? I'd like to keep the ability of going through my hairs with my fingers, but with a parting that does not turn
    into some sloppy kind of 15-year-olds quasi sexy quiff
    2. I like to comb my hair to the back of my head, not really to the sides, but with a parting. Like this, only my sides
    are a bit longer. The problem is that the hair on the back of my head does not look neat. It is a bit messy. The hair
    where the back of my head starts seems to stand up a bit and I can't seem to get the two parts of the parting to
    match up on the back of my head. Will everything be solved when I shorten the sides and back a bit more? I have watched
    a few tutorials on how to do a slick parting, but they never show the back of the head.

    Maybe a bit too much for a first post but I really like to get my parting right for not too much money.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Firstly, if I were you I'd stop with the Brylcreem. If your hair is having trouble with standing up then Brylcreem in my experience is the worst thing you can use as even just a little bit makes the hair very greasy and it looks horrible.

    I style my hair in a similar style, and although a novice, I've found two good products that seem to work well. First of all I use TIGI Bed Head Molding Paste, which I use to give my hair a bit of volume and a slightly sterner hold. You might not bother with this in your situation as I only use this to lift my hair a bit.

    Secondly I use a pomade, which is probably what you'll need if your hair is losing it's shape quite quickly. It's pretty strong stuff so it may rid of the hair at the back of the head problem. Most pomades are quite greasy as they are petroleum based, but in my opinion the best by far is the American Crew Pomade which is water based and therefore doesn't get your skin and hair greasy. It still has a nice shine like Brylcreem and, although expensive at roughly a 10, is a must-buy in my eyes.

    The hair at the back of your head staying up is likely to be caused by having the hair too short where they meet, so in fact this hair is too short rather than too long. Speak to your barber next time and as long as they are made aware of this they should be able to stop it happening again, as long as your barber is decent. I've come round this problem between cuts by experimenting with the products used above, so have a go with that.

    Finally, along with using a hairdryer to help shape your hair to help it keep it's hold I'd recommend using a good quality hair comb, this tends to help me. Let me know if I'm not clear with anything here, and hope this has helped.

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    Hairspray is what you need to fix the style in place. The cheap Tresemme salon spray stuff (white bottle) you can get in Boots is good, especially if you're just starting out and still experimenting.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I was on an introduction camp with my new school and I forgot about my thread for a bit, that's why I did not react.
    I already started using my hair wax that I used a long time ago and finish it off with the brylcreem. It stays in shape much better than with just brylcreem. I use some kind of Garnier wax, but I'm looking to upgrade it to maybe that American Crew pomade, if it's even for sale in the Netherlands.
    I think I just need some strong pomade or something for the hair around the back of my head, or crown if you will, because those hairs seems to stick out at first and bend after 1 centimeter or so.

    Thank you very much for your time and effort and if I find any other problems you will see them pop up in this thread.


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