Hello guys! I've been here in these forums for quite a while reading and decided to create a post that might help those who are struggling to do a quiff and have thin hair! Although I'm new on this forum I'm sure I can bring my personal experience I've been doing and working on my hair style for quite a while and there are those people who have no idea about styling and doing their hair. To be honest some people believe that styling a quiff is easier with curly, wavy hair! Although that's not true, it depends how much knowledge you have about your own hair, what products you use on it and experience you have in styling your own hair. (This method might not work for you, it works for me because I have long straight hair so, I'll just give my advice)
Hint- make sure get the hair cuit that is short on the sides and back. When going to the barber maybe a 2 on the sides or 3 would work perfectly. Also, make sure the front of your hair is long because to do a quiff you need medium long hair.
Ready? Ok let's start!

Make sure you shower at night because you give some time for your hair to dry and it's easier to do your hair when it's dry and easily moved to one side. (I would style my hair with my fingers because, it's easier for me control my hair and make small curles with my fingers) the way to do it would be to apply gel to your hands and first start by putting gel on the front where your front hair rest and pushing it back, however don't separate the hair on the front or leaves space and gaps between the front hair. When doing a quiff the front hair has to together and should look like it's slick back and standing, to give it some good volume. So make sure you extend the front hair pushing it back a little and spreading it but don't leave gaps between the hair. Add a little bounce touch, by adding more volume to your hair. To add vulome to the hair all you do make sure the front and the sides of the hair looks like what I think, a "fat ice cream" haha. Volume is very important when doing this hairstyle because it makes look boss and look sexy lol. When you add volume to your hair and make it look bigger than your hair's actual length it makes your face look slimmer and thin, and not only is that an attractive trait it also combines perfectly when wearing pools or plaid shirts.

Now sometimes the regular gel just won't do, because throughout the day we go to constant movement and we constantly are doing many work at once and the hair falls down to your face and pretty annoying. We need a little push to keep that hair up, and now comes the Axe hair spray. The hairspray is the little push you need to keep that hair standing, and shinning troughout the day. You should apply this after the regular gel is applied. After you have the shape you want from doing your hair with your fingers, you must apply the spray to keep the hold. Make sure you don't use the a lot of hair spray because that would only make your hair too thick and shiny, and also damage your hair because it leaves too much flakes if applied a lot.

Hint - if you want to make your hair stand up well nicely but don't want your hair to hard and flaky you should apply a little bit of moisturizer or face cream, it helps because it gives that shine to your hair and gives the smooth feel when you touch it. Furthermore, the best part of it is, it doesn't mess up your hairstyle it keeps it how it is.

Hint 2 - make sure you bring an extra grooming products in your backpack if your in school, in your bag if you work. Just In case if your hair seems like it starting to fall down.

We'll that is it for all right now, since I'm new in these forum, I just wanted to public my personal and experience and maybe if it helps anyone on how to style your own hair, or tatleast boost your knowledge.

I will openly accept tips or your own personal experience.
Thank you!