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    Specific Styles - Help with product

    Hello there. I am trying to get a new hairstyle and I have recently gotten it cut. It's now long on the top and shorter on the sides (though not buzzed, enough to be gelled back and be flat).

    However, I am having problems with finding the right product to achieve the style I want to. I have tried medium hold wax and medium hold pomade. I am thinking of moving up to something with a heavier hold though. I would like a little bit of shine added to my hair as I have ashy blonde hair that tends to look a little dull

    I have looked through the fashion beans medium hair gallery and found a few styles I'd like to try, though mostly I want to style my hair like this:

    Just to note some information that might help you in advising me:

    Details about my hair: Wavy, Medium thick hair

    Ideal product qualities:
    • Above all, must be able to achieve style pictured above
    • Adds a little shine, low to medium
    • Preferably pliable, doesn't have to be though
    • Appropriate hold for style
    Please include any other methods/techniques/tools that would be used to create the above style. Sorry if I may seem ignorant but I've always been bad at hair decisions :S

    Thank you for any suggestions and help.

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    Hi there
    This is the style of hair that I use today. To achieve it I wait till my hair is a bit dirty this way hair products can be used to there full extent, then comb the sides back and add HairBond Moulder, my hair is naturally wavy so I just add it to hold it up.
    Hope this helps.

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