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    Hair Stylist has moved

    I suppose this is hair related... I need advice!
    Okay so I left the country for about 6 months and I need a haircut. I phoned the place I always go to and asked if I could book an appointment with the woman who always cuts it for me (she always does an extremely good job) but I was informed that she hasn't worked there in months!
    I'm now faced with the problem: do I phone and just take the plunge and book with another stylist or do I phone and ask if they could tell me where my old stylist went.
    I feel it would be quite rude to do the latter since it would be taking business away from the salon, but on the other hand I would be very wary getting a new stylist for since I've had so many bad experiences AND have an important family wedding coming up.
    Ideas or advice?
    Thanks all!

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    If the place you went to before is worth its salt then they should have someone of at least equal ability. I know how crappy it feels though, i had my hairdresser leave the county not long ago and have started building up a trust with someone the salon said was a similar style to my original. Odd suggestion, but if you know her name and city you're in you could Facebook stalk her and see if she's got her new salon on her profile?

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