I've got a 'regular' haircut, short back and sides, 1 or 2 on the sides, bit longer on top, side parting, styled across/slightly back.
Dark hair (speckled with a few greys these days!) with a bit of a wave to it. Receding a bit at the top-front, but still plenty to work with, and hair is quite thick (...where it's not thinning!)

I use salt spray and hair-dryer for a bit of volume.

Currently using Sebastian Pro Craft Clay for hold and shape, but it doesn't really hold for very long, and too good for re-working later in the day.

So I'm looking for 2 different products, one to give a matte finish but with great hold and 're-work-ability'. So something similar to the Seb clay, but much better all round.

And then also a similar thing, but with a slightly sleeker finish, for suitable occasions in the summer/holidays/etc.
I guess a good old fashioned wax/pomade could work here (I used to use Sweet Georgia Brown, Black&White, back in the day), but obviously that stuff is a pig to get out.

So any ideas on either/both of those 2 requirements would be grand.