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    My Styling - Improve? Please Help :)

    Hello, together,

    Thanks for looking.
    I am a big fan of "Mariano di Vaio"
    I like his hair and how he trims his beard.

    Below I have to you a photo of myself purely.
    I have because a few questions to you, with regard to my styling.

    My eyebrows are not good anyhow or?
    What could one improve? I think that they do not look alike or am I mistaken?
    What could I still make from it? What would you make?

    My hair also makes themselves scarce to me big problems, the styling falls to me hard there I very much and fine hair has. Could one improve something in the haircut? If so? What?

    My beard has done I quite well like I find, you believe also here I could still improve what?

    I would simply know with pleasure what I can still perfect around a styling like Mariano di Vaio to have.

    I owe you for every answer.

    Excuse for my bad English
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