As this is my first post here, I'll keep this short and sweet.

Recently I've gone from having no interest whatsoever in my look, to an almost narcissistic obsession over the way I look. I'm slowly getting to where I want to be with clothes-wise, but hair has always been a major problem for me.

I suit a quiff/pompadour quite well, but my hair really doesn't want to cooperate. I've watched countless hair styling videos on Youtube, but whenever I try to follow their instructions it all goes wrong. My hair either flops off to the left, piles up on top of itself, or falls too far backwards so that it forms a Sonic-The-Hedgehog kind of profile. I've tried blowdrying my hair in the opposite direction to how it grows, but that yields a Jedward style vertical pileup. I've even tried getting my hair cut much shorter on top, which helped a little, but still gets in the way (the hair on top forms impenetrable spikes).

I think part of the problem is my hair itself - it's very straight and fine which makes it hard to get to lie flat or blend in with the top of my hair. To make matters worse, despite my youth, my fringe grows to a great lenght in the midlle, but is very short at either side.

Some people have said to just wait it out until I have more hair to 'slick' back, but the longer my hair gets the harder it is to manage.

Can anyone help me? Should I just give up and go for a shorter style like this?