Hi guys, I posted on the fashiobeans article request forum on style guides and hairstyling tips. Didn't get any help there so I thought I might try my luck over at this end of the forum.

Anyways, to cut things short. I am an Asian man, and it's getting near to Chinese New Year ( 3 more days. ) and I was thinking of updating my hairstyle for this year. Few things about my hair, it's thick, it's straight and very " stubborn ". I am wearing a shaved short on the sides and back, long on the top, styled to the side style right now. Kind of like a mix of the following pictures.

On the sides, my hair grows out like so:

Very "stubborn" like and straight.

Facial features wise, I am kind of like an oblong face shaped. Wide and tall forehead, cheekbones and jaw almost of same length.

So my question is, what kind of hairstyle can I go for or should I remain at the same style? I would consider growing my sides out but that would require me to go through a stage where I look really really ugly... so there's that.

Thanks for any help in adavnce !