So, I'm looking for some new / additional hair products to style my fine, thin hair. My standard style (when I can actually be bothered to use product) is short-ish with a side-swept fringe and slightly messed up (the best example I could find is this).

I originally tried some VO5 rework I found hanging around, which is a fibre putty. The problem was that it didn't hold for very long at all, and the areas that did stay in place for longer were there because I'd used too much so they'd become clumpy.

Next I tried some LS&B Ruck putty, suggested in an older article on this site. It's better than the VO5 in that it's easier to work in, has even more of a matte look, and holds for longer. However, it still only holds around 1-2 hours before my hair flattens, and again, the areas that don't are usually there because I've applied a little too much and they've clumped up. If it held longer it would be pretty much perfect for what I want to do.

So if any of you have any recommendations for something that might hold for longer, it would be great. I'm not even bothered about volume so much if I can manage to keep it messed up when it's flat, but naturally it just returns to a very straight position. I'd quite happily consider different types of product too, however I would prefer that they're more on the matte side of things. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially from any of you that also have fine hair.