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    Question I Need A New Hairstyle!

    I've pretty much only had two hairstyles ever! Faux Hawk and long sides and sweeping fringe but i'm thinking about a new style, maybe short sides & back & long top which seems to be in fashion! But I'm not sure it would suit me??
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Heres my current style:

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    Is your hair naturally that straight? If so, why not go either for an sleek britrock cut (longish textured fringe, and short back and sides) or a slicked back look with a side parting. I have the latter, although my hair is slightly wavier than yours. It is a real statement though, especially for lads our age.

    As for faceshape, I'm sure you'll be fine with most styles. Try going short on the back and the sides but just with scissors first, then if you feel comfortable, you can try the clippers later.

    Good luck!

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