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    Troubled Fine Hair

    I've always had trouble with styling and maintaining my hair, I have very fine hair and have always had trouble finding a style that suited my hair type. All information on styles regarding my hair type seem to point out styles for men who have thinning hair rather fine.

    Managing it also proves difficult as most products will either clump my hair together leaving my scalp visible or give it a overpowering shine.

    And too add to it all I have a large widows peak.

    Any help regarding a simple suitable style would be greatly appreciated, currently I tend to just have it short back and sides, but to be honest it looks terrible.

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    A very short quiff would work perhaps. I have a widows peak too, but just best to show it off rather than hide it (Morrissey and Justin Theroux pull it off). Is tricky but generally short will work better and ask your hairdresser for a good product to use that works with your hair type.

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    What about your face shape? I think the shape of your face can be a big factor in what style you should go for.

    Regarding Mens Clothes, my philosophy has always been - "The Simpler the Better"
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