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    Question What Hairstyle Will Suit My Face Shape?

    Hey guys, I'm posting here cause I just need a bit of help with my hairstyle. I'm 19, almost 20 and I'm getting sick of having longish hair with a fringe, especially since it's worn by guys a bit younger than me e.g. age 14-20. I'm just struggling on how to know if I'm looking at the right hairstyles for my face shape. I've put together 3 pictures of my face from the front, and I'm asking these things:
    1.) What is my face shape roughly? I think it's diamond; my cheekbones are quite prominent and my face is slim.
    2.) What are some good examples of hairstyles that would suit my face, and if so can you please post pictures?

    I'm asking for help on here because I read an article about hairstyles etc on this website, and it's a pretty informative website as far as fashion goes. The third picture was just when I messed about with my hair after having it cut, I was wondering if having something similar to that would look good but cut in properly? Also, my facial hair sucks so I can't get the stubble look going, which I guess will come in due time. Any help will be appreciated.

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    I like the style of the 3rd pic, although you are making a funny face

    I'd go with something like that. I think you have an oval face shape, which means pretty much anything suits you, but I'd stay away from anything that covers up your forehead as it will make your face look rounder.

    3rd pic is good as it adds a little height which makes you look slimmer.

    I found it really useful to consider face shape when styling hair. I used to try all these styles and have no idea why they didn't suit me lol

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