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    Self Tan Recommendations?

    I have been using St Tropez Light-Medium Gradual Self Tan for face for a while now, but have recently had mixed results...applying consecutive nights seems to lead to a build up, even with moisturising etc before. Problem area seems to be the jaw/neck which tends to look more like having jaundice than a natural tan!

    I was wondering if anyone has any good experiences with gradual tans or self tans that could be recommended? Having light skin, if I were to use a pure self tanner (and not gradual), I would mix it with some moisturiser so it is not too dark.

    I've heard "He-Shi" do a new body&face all in one self tanner..not sure if anyone has tried this? Basically any advice or product recommendations would be appreciated.


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    Dove Summer Glow

    They do two strengths. For fair and dark skin types. I'm in in Oz but I'm sure they sell this in the UK. I think its great. Not too sticky and actually is a good all round moisturiser.

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