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    Conservative - How Short Is Too Short?!

    For a side parting type hairstyle on the back and sides... I've currently got a number 2 on the back and sides blended in with the rest, with the front being about an inch long, perhaps a tad less when just cut. Styled by brushing across/back with some paste type product to stop it being fluffy and to add a v small amount of shine.

    I thought it looked a tad too long on the sides to achieve the 'contrast' I was going for, my hairdresser thought a 1 on the back and sides blended in would be too short for that sort of style... I work in an office and I'm nearly 30, so I can't rock anything too mental like a fully disconnected 0.5 on the back and sides and 6 inches on top, I'd look stupid!

    So, do people think a 1 would look too short for this type of style? - I know it depends on the individual to an extent too - my hair's quite dark brown, straight and pretty thick (it's always thinned out), I'd say I have quite a 'normal' oval face shape- not narrow or round!

    It's tricky when trying to find pictures to get an idea of whether it would be too short because they're not often explained in 'technical' terms!

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    I think with new haircuts its just about changing it slightly until its right. From what you described we have pretty similar hairstyles. If i were you id go for the one on the sides, just not the entire way up at some point make sure your hairdresser starts blending in it towards the top. I have it like that as it creates that important contrast that i just dont get from a no.2 and it definitely is not too short in my opinion

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    I think it would be too short, just from my perspective in visualizing it.

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