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    Hairstyle For Me?

    imgur: the simple image sharer this is what my hair looks like any hairstyle suggestions? I like joe jonas' new hair and zayn malik's, but my hair is not the same type of hair as there's. What hair would you recommend?

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    Can't go wrong with a quiff, though you'll look exactly the same as the rest of the world of stylish conscientious males. For your faceshape, I wouldn't take it too extreme on the back and sides, and embrace the natural waves in your hair for that James Dean, care-free swept back feel. Think more public school foppishness than an edgy, sharp quiff. A la Eddie Redmayne:

    Google Image Result for

    The only other option is a fringe hairstyle. Take the sides and back shorter (again, no undercuts or anything), grow that fringe out and sweep it. Keep it textured (again, embrace those waves), dry with mousse and then use a matte product.

    Here's a video on how to achieve that Burberry, textured, fringe style.

    Burberry model inspired hair: textured fringe - YouTube

    Good luck!
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