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About Loxley
About Loxley
I'm a Swedish guy whose interest for fashion didn't really come until in 2006 with the release of the film Miami Vice. Unlike everybody else, I instead went to examine the TV series from the 1980's, and subsequently loved it. I won't bore you with my for a while love for rolling up sleeves on blazers and sports jackets (I still love it, just don't do it). But I did have a particular love for deep cut T-shirts with blazers. (Still do.)

Thanks to my American girlfriend, who bought me a pair of vintage cufflinks for Christmas, I have recently begun to develop a particular love for cufflinks. Though my profession makes it difficult and semi-pointless for me to dress up in any way, I one day want to have a job where I can wear a suit every day, and wear one with a tie and cufflinks at that.
Sweden & Springfield, Missouri, USA
Writing, fashion, roleplaying (online), video games, reading
Soldier (Swedish Army)