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About Me
About Murvalous
About Murvalous
I’m easy goingA good laugh (I think)Adventurous, want to do a bit of rafting things like that next yearAmbitious, not a workaholic just I work to live :)Into socializing, bars and pubs, maybe the odd club now and then as long as its not the chavvy kind :)Honest, although even i have been known to tell a fib now and thenNot a bad boy, geezer type but not a goody goody eitherNot really into sports, see above for my new potential hobbiesBit of a planner, sometimes that’s good but I suppose I could be a bit more spontaneous! (see told you i was honest)Have my own place in Southfields, only a 1 bedflat but thinking of selling buying a bigger place and just renting out rooms but then anywhere to close will cost a bomb so Putney is out... maybe Kingston or somethingTrying to get fit, cycle to work and a bit of XC at the weekends up Wimbledon commonI can cook, I’m no Jamie Oliver but can put together something quite nice and can follow a menu if need be
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Netherlands
Tv Kite Surfing, Rock climbing, Mountain biking, Watersports, Drinking, Cooking, Snowboarding, Runni
QA Manager