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    Fashion Related Careers

    Hi everybody.

    I am currently at college doing like a summer-school course to get myself on to an access course, which upon successful completion, would get me a place in Uni.
    However, what I want to do at University is not as crystal clear as it may be with other fellow students. Im studying English Language, English Literature and Psychology in my Septemer course, just purely because I feel English in general is my strength, plus I love writing creatively etc.

    I've always been interested in style / fashion, but up until the last year, taking pride in my appearance and doing my homework in regards to menswear etc has been a almost an obsession. Something which I think about daily! (I drive my gf bonkers by always looking at clothing and accessories!)

    So studying something along the lines of Fashion Journalism appeals to me.. Alot.

    My question is, does anyone here study any sort of fashion course at their Uni / College? If so, what course(s)? How do you make the 'leap' into the career side of mens fashion?
    And I may have to move away from here in order to find the course I want to do, has anyone on here had to move miles from 'home' to study?

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    Fashion is an international industry, employing thousands of people in various jobs. Many universities and colleges run related courses and, with a degree in any field of fashion and textiles, it is possible to pursue most of the following areas of work, and more! The title of your course is not binding, so don't feel tied. For example, a degree in menswear design could be an ideal stepping-stone into the fields of menswear buying, styling or whatever fashion-related career appeals to you after graduation. The following lists just a few of the courses on offer and suggests where they could lead you.
    Course:Fashion Marketing and Promotion
    Where:University of Central Lancashire, University of Leeds, Northbrook College Sussex, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Nottingham Trent University
    • Fashion Promotion:PR, marketing, in-house promotion, advertising
    • Fashion Buyer:Buying and researching designers and clothes for shops, commissioning and working with designers for in-store collections
    • Owner: Combining marketing, buying and business skills relevant to the fashion market

    Course:Fashion Journalism
    Where:Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Central Saint Martins
    • Fashion Journalism:Writing for magazines and fashion supplements
    • Promotional Writing:Press releases and advertorial for fashion PR
    • Dress Historian/Writer:Writing books and for journals, history and factual-based writing

    Course:Fashion Illustration
    Where:Surrey Institute of Art and Design
    • Fashion Illustration:For press, advertising or specially commissioned projects
    • Fashion Productions:Mediating between designers and technical production teams, conveying ideas
    • Fashion Predictions:Forecasting upcoming trends, concepts and styles

    Course:Fashion Photography and Styling
    Where:The London Institute, De Montfort University, University of Central Lancashire
    • Fashion PhotographyFor press, advertising and specially commissioned projects
    • StylistWorking on fashion shoots and imaging for the press, advertising and specially commissioned projects

    Course:Technical Pattern Cutting for Fashion
    Where:Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, Huddersfield, The London Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University, also hundreds of fashion courses across the UK
    • Pattern Cutter:Realising designers' illustrations and ideas by making and "toiling" garments
    • Fashion Designer:If you are setting up your own business, you will need sound technical knowledge as well as design flair

    Other areas of study and employment include knitted, printed, woven or multi-media textile design; women's, men's or childrenswear fashion design; costume design; fashion consultancy; accessories design and more.

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