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    Footy Fans: Premier League 2012/2013

    Any footy fans here?

    I'm a big United fan (there's only one) and I'm bricking it this season. There's that confidence I had when SAF was in charge which has now been replaced with anxiety and excitement. Anfield on Sunday, should be a good un'.

    Oops, should've said 2013/2014 haha!

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    YES! And pleased we went against the grain and signed Moyes and not a showbiz manager (look how well Chelsea have done), excellent acquisition. Right man to replace SAF, another Glaswegian who like SAF at Aberdeen has achieved massive goals on a shoestring budget, actually watches players himself on his many scouting missions and no player is bigger than his club, if it ain't broke don't fix it and that's what we've done. He may not have won any silverware but he uses fantastic wing play and is never afraid to attack.

    Absolutely gutted losing to Liverpool, I would prefer to take another drumming by Arsenal or City than lose to them. Anyhow this squad has victory coursing through its veins and Fellaini only adds to it, a proper battler we've been missing since Keane but without the maliscious streak and an extra dimensions at set pieces attacking and defending but also unfortunately without the simpilicity of a 'pass & move' game.

    I think people forget that this is the same team that strolled the league last season, only the manager has changed albeit a manager with no silverware or European experience but SAF also had to start somewhere and Moyes has made a promising start. Get Rooney signed up and get Kagawa playing behind Van Persie and Rooney. The futures bright especially with Zaha, Januzaj, De Gea, Welbeck, Smalling, Jones, Hernandez & Rafael. KEEP THE FAITH

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    Thread unsuccessful.

    Not many footy fans here then?

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