What is the worst day you have so far? I want to see some stories haha. Let me start first!

Ok so one day there was a terrible snow weather, the snow was up to 3 inches and to make it worse it was a school day for me. I had went to sleep at 1am before that to finish my project hehe. I usually wake up at 6am to get dressed and leave home at 6:40 am. Somehow I slept too long and ended up waking up at 6:36! I quickly got dressed and quickly grabbed a snack so I wouldn't miss the school bus and I had forgotten my keys at the house. To make it worse, I touched my head and only to realize I had forgotten to put on. GEL!! Haha my signature style that made me a chill guy was gone lol I had lost my signature, confidence, and my chill mojo lol. Most people saw me and went like "woah!" Haha since they have never saw me without my hair laying down flat. That day was crazy, haha throughout the day I tried putting water on my hair to fix it but it just wouldn't stand up haha. After that I decided to always remember to put gel haha. Since then the first thing I always do after waking up is put gel hah. Your turn?!!!!