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    Stavenger, Norway - mini trip review

    Work takes me to the west coast of Norway this week. I was not expecting much, but Stavenger is a great town.

    Amazing beer - I was in a pub called cardinal last night, they have a cellar of 1000x beers and about another 20x on tap, ranging from your standard pilsner/largers to seasonal Christmas beers incorporating spices, fruits, chilies, honeys etc. I think we were drinking beers last night which were as dark and stormy as the weather last night - and as they were about 8% i was well fortified for the walk back to the hotel.

    Great restaurants - fresh Norwegian Cod, Norwegian fish soup, smoked salmon all perfectly prepared, washed down with local beer. Burgers served by wonderfully chatty blonde barmaids - again washed down with local beer... Yum

    Shopping - for a small town the place is full of menswear shops selling all our favourites, Common Projects, Norse projects, our legacy, folk, faulke, APC, acne,stutterheim, monclur......

    Music - sitting in a bar now and they have played qotsa, super furry animals, steve harley and alsi a guy called Gerald!

    Women - friendly, blonde and the palest blue eyes you will ever see.

    Coffee - shit

    Apart from the coffee the only other bad thing about the place is the price of the food and beer - but that's Norway for you.
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