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    In need of advice about career

    I'm 21 and I am currently working as a Visual Merchandiser for nearly 4 months now, it is my first job within the fashion industry and I don't have much other experience apart from a few weeks work experience however, I do have a degree in Fashion. I already know that I don't want to be a Visual Merchandiser or work my way up in the company I work for. I do enjoy it most of the time but it just isn't enough for me. I feel like my true interest is trend forecasting and visual styling but not working in a retail store. I think I might stick with Visual Merchandising for a year and maybe create a fashion blog of my interest in trend forecasting, inspirations and visual styling. Then after I have done the year at my job, maybe look for a job in head office on a creative team or a trend company. I am not sure, if anyone has any suggestions or advice I would be so grateful!

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    Get more experience, it's worth more than education. If you socialize with people in the biz, some opportunity will inevitably appear.

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    Hey, you should not stop yourself following your dream. And if you dont have much money then you can first go for free blogging option like wordpress and . And after one year then you can go to convert this into your own domain blog. Also, you can continue your this job in a day time and can continue your blogging in evening and night or on weekends so this will also help you with money.
    So what you need for a fashion blog:

    1. Always go with trends in the startups and when your traffic get boosted then you can stop that. Just like now is the time of Halloween, so everybody are searching for Halloween related things so you write blog on that.
    2. When you write blog, then make it search engine friendly , ex let say your blog is about is "Best 10 Fashion Trends 2016", then your keyword is "fashion trend 2016". Use this keyword in the first line and in the ending line. If your blog is above 1500 words then use this keyword 2 times in between.
    3. Once your blog is done share it via social media and ask your friend to further share it.
    4. Before writing blog, always gather information what people out there for whom you are writing the blog wants. For this forums are really helpful. This will help you gather information, new suggestions and ideas.
    5. Always include good graphics in it.
    6. Lastly , if you have emails with you then go for email marketing of your blog.

    I hope all these will be good for you and all other who is viewing this reply.

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    Why wait a year to start the blog? Do it now instead of wasting that time. If your posts are real and folks feel your vibe everything else will slot together and even if nothing does at least you'll feel better because you're doing something you enjoy instead of being a corporate hoe.

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