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    Article Suggestion - Online Tailors

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a shirt (and, if it's any good, lots of shirts) from an online tailor but the sheer number out there is a little overwhelming. Some of them are offering shirts for a tenner, some for 40 and some for 80+. You have to wonder if the cheap ones are so cheap because of a lack of overheads, or because of poor quality materials (probably both) but it would be great to see how they stack up against each other. Any chance you could do a round-up? Get one of your guys to buy shirts of varying quality from a bunch of UK retailers and see how they stack up against each other?

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    Hi bobster,

    I took the plunge and used Rajawongse Clothier - Dress For Success! after reading online reviews. They are based in Thailand and work out at approx 30 each, but you have to order 5 at a time (unless you ask nicely, I'm sure they won't mind). Still, at under 200 delivered it was worth trying.

    I asked them to send me some samples of white cloth - expecting about 15 with the same cheesy swatches I've seen elsewhere - but they sent me 40+ different whites in various classy weave patterns and thicknesses. Excellent selection.

    The order took about 3 weeks to arrive, you can chose cuff and collar finishes etc (albeit a bit restricted - I prefer larger collars which they don't offer), but they were very well made with symmetrical collars. It was a steal at under 200 for 5 shirts delivered, and I'll be using them for all my shirts now.

    I have also just ordered a shirt at, they have done all of my bespoke suits (over 20 now), and I liked the fact they do the uber cool cocktail cuffs. Only issue is the price - I don't get these online companies who start with a 'base price' of say 35, and the shirt ends up at over 90. For me, a work shirt should be obtainable at good quality for 50 tops. is a great company though and they offer quality and good choice.

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