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    Footwear Suggestion For Completion Of This Outfit

    Sup guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. ^__^

    So I've decided on a rather basic/conventional outline for a formal-ish party outfit: light blue oxford shirt, navy blazer, skinny black tie and mid-grey tweed trousers. However, I'm completely stuck on the matter of footwear. Would burgundy work here? If so, what type of shoe would fit the occasion? Oh, and my budget is £60 maximum.. sorry!

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    Hey Frog,

    Ah, the grey trouser, always a problem I've found, however I'd agree with your burgundy idea - sounds good to me. I've also used a pair of black chelsea boots and they've looked fine but I'm unsure about black and your blazer.

    I'd look for a basic shoe in a tan/brown/burgundy. If you do buy a brown shoe you'll get plenty of use from it other than just this outfit. I always start looking at Hudson and Swear London shoes. Both very reliable and with acceptable pricing. I've picked out these for you:
    Sale Items Only - Swear Logan 3 Oxblood Leather Shoe - Swear London Shoes - Official Website
    H by Hudson Schwinn Black
    Habana Brown | H by Hudson

    I think that the Hudson loafer could work really well with the blazer and be a good shade of grey for the trousers. The other two are just suggestions of the shoe type to look for and perhaps the colour. Both have sales on now so have a look and both are stocked at so look there too.

    I hope that helps.

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    If it's formal(ish), I'd normally suggest you steer clear of brogues, but considering the rest of the outfit, they would be suitable I think. (Usually, they are day wear and should be kept in the closet of an evening). I certainly wouldn't wear loafers with tassles on for a formal(ish) occasion.

    I would wear a simple oxford or derby (with or without a wingtip personally in any shade of brown you prefer.

    These would all do the trick:

    Buy Base London Mens Fiction Secure Shoes Waxy Tan at MandMDirect.comMens Formal Shoes - Hitch Lift in Ebony Hi Shine from Clarks ShoesPier One Brogues - brown - a side note, are you sure about the black tie with the pale blue oxford shirt and blue blazer combination? It sounds to me like those two items might not work together.

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