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    Ares, those are certainly eye-catching boots. They seem more like a statement piece to me, though, so I don't know if I can rely on them as my sole pair (pun most definitely intended). Would you wear them with a orange cardigan or a flashy scarf, or is that a little too much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    I do like those options. Good point about the soles, too. I hadn't consciously thought about the sole material, though one reason I was originally looking at Red Wings is that I know people who have used them as a workboot in the construction industry and they are very durable (I assume that's true for their non-steel toed boots).

    With all these possibilities, I think I need to visit some stores to check these out and see how they feel. Does anyone here have any good experiences with returning shoes bought via mail if they don't fit properly? I've seen quite a few stores offer free returns up to a month after the sale so long as the shoe hasn't been worn outside, but I don't know if that holds true for mail-order as well.
    Check the info on the website, but you definitely can send back to All Saints and I'd be amazed if any other websites had a no returns policy.

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